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Oriel Sea Salt

At Rolf’s Fine Food we use Oriel Sea Salt.

At Oriel they take the Natural Mineral Sea Salt and Flash Dry it in a custom built Ceramic Kiln. This fuses the Minerals to the Sea Salt at 400° retaining the minerals but removing the moisture. So this is the first Free Flowing Sea Salt without any additives.

Free Flowing Mineral Sea Salt
Suitable for food processors and front of house – The true all rounder.
Powerful taste profile with deep mineral after tones.
Healthier – More minerals, Lower Sodium and you use less – up to 25% reduction.
Fine Grain powder like texture dissolves & disperses rapidly. No need for a grinder.
Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt of a quality to match the best of your ingredients. Why compromise?
Smooth non-oxidised flavour is embraced by food.
No Additives, Sea Salt as nature intended.
Totally Irish – Natural, Pure and Local.

What is Non-Oxidised Sea Salt? From the momewnt they pump ocean water into their facilities until they harvest the Mineral Sea Salt, it is in a sealed pressurised system, so it never comes in contact with the air, thus it is non-oxidised. The result is a pure crystal white Sea Salt richer in Minerals due to the sealed system and with a natural fine powder like grain.

NB: All other Sea Salt is harvested and dried in open air so from this it gains its slight off white colour and it’s sharp/sour taste. To make it white again, it is washed which also removes many of the minerals.

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Rolf’s Fine Food Flavoured Sea Salt Range

Using Rolf’s Flavoured Sea Salt in your everyday cooking is the simplest thing you can do to elevate an ordinary meal into something sublime. Sea Salt is naturally rich in minerals and lower in sodium making it a healthier and tastier choice!

You will of course still need your salt and sea salt, but it is both useful and fun to keep a jar of these flavoured salts within easy reach. If your salts are visible and near the stove, you will reach for them often.

Try them on poached eggs, baked potatoes, grilled fish, corn on the cob, tofu or on any finished food that you would normally season with regular table salt. You can also place a small quantity directly on the plate and have your guests salt their own food.

Tangerine Salt – Adds tangy, fruity, citrus notes to food. Try it sprinkled on roasted chicken, vegetable side dishes (especially beets), light pastas, shrimp, grilled fish and omelettes.

Lavender Salt – Excellent on lamb (both as a salt rub before cooking, and a sprinkling afterwards), salad greens, heirloom tomatoes and avocados. Adds a floral, herbaceous touch.

Smoked Paprika Salt – Use it when you want a smoky, powerful, earthy blast of flavour. Great on potatoes, fried rice and grilled meats.

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Winner of the Listowel Food Fair 2014

Rolf’s Fine Food is the proud winner of the Best Emerging Food Product Award at the Listowel Food Festival 2014 with our Smokey BBQ Sauce.

Our Smokey BBQ Sauce is perfect for Barbecues, Roasting and Marinading. Baste chicken, pork belly, salmon or chops for a smokey taste!

Check out one of our recipes ideas we have created for you here – Pork Belly with Smokey BBQ Sauce.

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Rolf’s Fine Food Features in “The Kerry Food Story”

We are delighted to be featured in the recently launched “The Kerry Food Story” at Tralee Institute of Technology supported by the Local Enterprise Office.

‘The Kerry Food Story’ is a 68-page book and directory which contains a listing of over 150 local food and drink producers in County Kerry and includes specially-created recipes by eight of the top chefs in Kerry using local produce.

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Winner of the Listowel Food Fair 2013

Rolf’s Fine Food is the proud winner of the Best Emerging Food Product Award at the Listowel Food Festival 2013 with our Raspberry Vinegar.

Our tasty Homemade Raspberry Vinegar is perfect to add a fresh delicious flavour to your salads and other recipes.

And guess what its good for you too! Raspberries are an antioxidant food, which means they help prevent damage to the body by protecting its cells and membranes.

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